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What Are the Symptoms of Cancer in Dogs

If you are used to spending time with your dog you will tell when the dog is fell well or not. You can tell what you good loves and what it like doing most the times because you never leave its side. If you notice that your dog is not healthy anymore as it used to be then it is good to check if it has cancer. Tumors do not only affect people, but animals too are at risk of getting them. You need to know some of the signs that can show that your dog has cancer. The following are some of the signs of tumors in dogs.

One of the symptoms of cancer in dogs is unusual swelling. Growths are some of the signs that show there is a risk of cancer in the body. You need to take your dog to see a doctor if the growths continue to be larger. It is necessary to be check if your dog has any swollen parts from time to time. When you are having a good time with your dog that’s the time when you can check if it has some bulge in its body parts.

The other sign of tumor in dogs is sores. You should check if you see your dog with some opening that you cannot explain where it got them from. It is possible that your dog got injured while running or doing any other risky thing. A normal injury should not take a while before it heals. But you find that instead of wound healing it is increasing. That’s the time you need to find a doctor so that you can know what is happening to your dog. However it is good to be cautious whenever you find your dog has open wounds that you don’t know about.

Sudden weight loss or gain is another symptom of tumors in dogs. You cannot be bothered by a slight change in your dog’s weight because it might be because of its exercise or the food it is consuming. but if you notice that your dog has lost its weight unexpectedly or it gained too much weight all over sudden then you need to be concerned. Growths within your dog an make some of the parts not function making the do to grow thin or gain weight. You cannot expect your dog to grow fat or thin after a short while because that is not normal. Ensure that you take your dog to seek medical treatment if there are such changes in your dog weight.

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