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Learn More about Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment.

Toenail fungus is an infection that affects the nail and would affect your foot health. Toenail fungus is an unpleasant and unattractive condition but treatable. There are various treatment options that include prescription medications, lasers, and creams. Although the infection will not show overnight, you can tell the fungus is growing by noticing some symptoms. Treatment should, however, start immediately you notice symptoms of fungus infection.

Once you suspect you could be having a nail fungus infection, you should first visit a professional doctor. The doctor will examine your nails and perform some tests in order to recommend the most appropriate treatment plan. There are, however, several symptoms that would help in diagnosing toenail fungus. Such symptoms are such as discolored nail, nail thickening and separating, debris buildup and foul smell, and pain can also be felt.

Once a toenail fungus infection has been diagnoses, various treatment may be used to wipe away the infection. However, these treatments will depend on the level of infection. Some treatments are suitable for mild and moderate nail fungus infections, while others are for severe infections. The different treatments include home remedies, antifungal pills, and antifungal creams.

However, laser treatments are also being used for treatment of toenail fungus. For several decades, doctors have used lasers to treat different medical conditions. In the last few years, however, lasers have been used to treat toenail fungus. During laser treatments, laser heats are used to damage the fungus. The heat will, however, not damage the healthy tissue.

On the other hand, laser treatments are non-invasive and pain-free treatments that do not cause worrying side effects. Laser treatments work by altering the fungus cell metabolism and the cell components are destroyed. A photochemical effect is then used to destroy the fungal cell proteins, enzymes, and membrane.

There are fungus treatment laser devices that are effective and safe and can be used at home. Among such laser devices include the following.

1. Cure-Ex device.

Cure-Ex is a reputable device that uses low laser waves together with blue antibacterial light. The combination help to wipe out bacteria and fungus, promote blood circulation, enhance the immune system and enhance nail regrowth. The device should be used for seven minutes every day and the result will be evident within four weeks.

Happy toe treatment device.

This laser device is usually effective against almost all types of nail fungus. The Happy Toe device uses two lasers but with different wavelengths which kills the fungus. You will just need to use the device for 7 minutes a day. For fungus infections deep under the nail, this device is also effective.

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