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Types of Hair Treatments

Hair treatments are an essential part of maintaining healthy hair. They can address a range of different concerns, such as damage, dryness, split ends and much more!

The most common types of hair treatments include deep conditioning, relaxing and keratin smoothing. A good salon will be able to advise on the best type of treatment for your specific needs.
Relaxing and Straightening

If you suffer from a lot of frizz, then a good hair relaxer can help you to combat it effectively, leaving your hair sleek and smooth for months on end. Whether you have curly, wavy or even straight hair, this is a great way to get rid of that annoying tangles and create a soft, silky head of hair.

Unlike a blow dry, this treatment can be applied at home, meaning you won’t have to visit the salon every time you want to fix your curls or straighten your ends!

A keratin treatment is formaldehyde-free and works to transform your hair into silky, smooth tresses. It works by penetrating the hair’s surface, rebalancing its pH levels and restoring proteins and nutrients that have been damaged by styling.

They also protect against the effects of heat styling, which can dry out your hair and cause it to become brittle. A keratin treatment can be reapplied up to six times, allowing you to enjoy silky, smooth hair for many months after each session!
Hot Oil Treatments

If your hair is looking dull and lifeless, then a hot oil treatment may be just what you need. The formula adds shine and seals the cuticle, leaving your hair feeling nourished and beautiful!

The length of time that the treatment is on your hair varies, but you can often get great results in just 12-20 minutes. You can then style your hair as usual.
Scalp Treatments

If you suffer from a dry, itchy scalp or flakes of skin, then a professional scalp treatment can be an effective solution. These products can slough away dead skin cells and soothe your scalp, leaving it feeling fresh and clean!

In addition, they can promote hair growth. They can also reduce hair loss, thinning and breakage in the long term, which is especially beneficial for those who are prone to this issue.
Toning and Brightening

If you’ve been colouring your hair at home, a toning treatment can be just what you need to keep it looking healthy and vibrant! This can prevent fading, remove any unwanted brassy or orange tones and even help you avoid any hair colouring mistakes.

Lastly, a glossing treatment is an excellent option for people who love the look of a glossy strand. This treatment can be applied as a finishing touch on dry hair or left in as a leave-in conditioner for the added benefit of adding lustre to your locks!

The most important thing to remember is that you should always try and limit the number of hair treatments you receive. These can be harmful to your hair if they are not carefully applied or if you do not use them correctly!

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