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Does Buying Instagram Likes Work?

Wouldn’t it be interesting to get over 10,000 likes on a post especially for someone who thinks their content on Instagram is perfect? It is a good feeling to know you have thousands of likes on an Instagram post whether is just to become famous or create a brand’s awareness. At a small fee nowadays people are buying likes. As cheap as it sounds, wouldn’t you wonder why not everybody is buying the likes.

The market has several services that are cheap and allow you to buy 1000 likes for as little as $10. When you buy fake Instagram follows do not forget that you are just buying the number, they are either bots or inactive accounts so they will not engage in your posts. A simple search on Google shows that there are even services where you buy Instagram followers with only six bucks for 500 followers or ten bucks for 1000 followers.

Furthermore, to directly buy followers means that you also pay for services that will also follow accounts with your specs like hash tag usage, gender, account type, and location. This makes you follow the accounts that follow you. This way you may actually be dealing with actual active accounts. It becomes a risky business the fact that you are not sure whether the accounts that are following you’re are authentic. The moment other users notice that you do not have commensurate posts to your likes they will cease following you, meaning that if you have ten thousand like with only for posts it will take such a short time and people will know to realize is not right.

So if want to have a huge count of followers, buying of likes will not help you. They will not follow you and even if they do, they will not be loyal or long-term. It is risky and should your real audience know that you are using fake followers chances are that you will lose your credibility. Fake followers will never feature in your news feeds and will never appear on your explore pages. It will be hard to estimate metrics because since the followers might offer some engagement, they will later drain the performance of your account.

Instagram’s fake followers have no long term content value to add to your profile. It is true you will get likes and comments on your Instagram posts just to have them as you r follower, but attention they will give will not reflect anywhere later when you have to report about how your account has been performing the reason being that your content is only available to your fake followers.

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