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A Guide To Getting More Online Reviews

Customers consider a lot of factors when deciding on whether or not to buy from your company. Your online customer reviews largely influence many customers’ decisions. Studies show that customers today equate online reviews to personal recommendations. Customers today turn to online reviews because most of their shopping is done online, and as such, they cannot examine a product for themselves. You, therefore, need to invest in creating a good image for your business online, by building on your positive reviews. To help you attract customers to your business, we have compiled a list of tips to help you get more online reviews.

The first thing you need to do is create spaces in different sites for your customers to leave you reviews. You need to ensure that your name comes up as customers are researching where to get products. Today, there are a lot of third-party review sites to choose from, which you can make use of to increase your visibility. Ensure that you look into them so you can identify the ones that will do most for your business.

You also need to cater to the customers who come directly to your site, by optimizing your content. Ensure that your site is easy to navigate so they can easily read through and write reviews. Doing this is easy because all you have to do is have a website that is accessible by phone and in it ensure that there are website badges to direct customers to review sites so they can read reviews or write their own.

Thirdly, you need to ensure that you are careful to ask for a review at the right time. Only ask for a review when a customer either buys another product from you, tags you in a post and says something positive, and or refers another customer to you. When you are right in your timing, you increase your chances of getting positive online reviews.

You should also consider providing incentives for your customers to increase the chances of them leaving reviews. Incentives that appeal to customers include gift cards, discounts, or opportunities to enter contests to win large prizes.

Finally, ensure that you respond to all your reviews. You need to ensure that you make them feel appreciated for leaving reviews, even those who leave the negative ones. Take the negative reviews you get in stride, accepting what may have gone wrong, to show customers that you are ready to accept your mistakes. Avoid acting defensive, rather ask the client what may have gone wrong so you can look for ways to better your services for other clients.

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