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Selecting a Travel Pillow

With many airlines charging customers extra fees for in-flight amenities like the pillows and blankets, a lot of travelers are now becoming creative with their comfort. In addition to the extra fees, some travelers are also shying away from in-flight pillows for hygienic purposes. If one is being provided at no additional charge, one of the easiest ways to ensure cleanliness is to purchase disposable covers. While these are usually intended for hotel travelers, since the covers are sold in standard sizes, airline travelers can also use the standard-sized cover and wrap it around the travel pillow twice or even improvise with a large zipper-type plastic bag.

If you like to purchase your own travel pillow and space is a concern, there are many inflatable ones that can be deflated to fit in your carry-on bag and then inflated when you want to use it. There are some travelers who like not to have their heads come into contact with the airplane or train’s seat and will choose to utilize the pillow immediately upon boarding. Other travelers also like to keep their inflatable travel pillow permanently in a carry-on in case they are catching an early morning or red-eye flight.

People traveling in a vehicle generally have more space than air or rail travelers, however a full-sized pillow is not always a good option. Instead of having to blow-up an inflatable travel pillow, travelers can also buy those ready-made travel pillows.

These are miniature versions of standard-sized ones which are cut in half. Different from traditional bed pillows, travel models will usually have a zippered, removable cover that can be also washed. This ready-made pillow can also be brought inside the hotel rooms and can be used as a regular bed pillow. For those travelers who do not want to sleep on hotel pillows they can also use the compact travel pillows. Outdoor travelers appreciate the versatility of travel pillows.

Travel pillows are in all forms, shapes and sizes to cater our needs when we are travelling. Like on long journeys, we ensure that the pillows being brought are comfortable to use especially to the little ones who might be accompanying with us on this trip. Though they cannot exceed the comfort our bed pillows at home are giving to us but the travel pillows will go a long way in ensuring us that we will feel comfortable as we are on the journey.

From all of this information, you can easily choose the travelling pillow you want without having a double-minded decision.

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