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When You are Planning to Start Your Own Shoe Line

When you are planning to start your own shoe line, then you must know that there are several things that you have to know before you would go for this endeavor. The first thing is that you have to do your research and come up with a brand identity. It is quite important that you must do this before starting that shoe line. Look for a gap or niche in the market which is somewhat not common. This is actually where the research would start. If you can find that identity for your niche, then you can begin to make such mood board a brand presentation to be able to have a clear communication of the vision.

What you have to do next is that you have to make those simple sketches or you can find that image reference of the designs so that you may communicate the idea. The team will then interpret such designs into technical drawings on the prototyping stage. That footwear tech pack would be a great way to show such illustrated designs and the specifications of that shoe design. You may check out the how to make a tech pack guide that can help you get a good idea of the format and this would have excel templates as well.

You must also go for that shoe sample prototyping. Through the startup package, then you will be able to bring such designs to life. You have to understand that this is stage is quite important for that final production. The process would actually include technical consultation, pattern making, shoe development, heel, sole making, the material sourcing, creating custom moulds for every project requirement, accessory making, 3D buckle creation, sample packing, trial prototype of shoe and the final sample.

The different samples produced may be used for such online marketing and show the buyers at the trade shows as well as runways or perhaps direct to the consumers for pre-order. The specialist will require the tech pack or the sketches for them to get started.

After such product development phase, they are then ready to produce the designs in quantity. Such private label shoe manufacturing would allow you to produce small batches so that you can try such in the market first or they may also provide larger quantities for wholesale. They would also have such staggered production model.

What you need to do next is marketing the brand. Each brand actually differs in their marketing approach. For the marketing experts, it is actually suggested that you must first begin the brand marketing as early as you can. It is quite important that you make use of social media for sharing pictures of the process and obtain valuable feedback.

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