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Hints of Awesome Poker Quotes for Your Next Tournament

There is a general decrease in the number of poker tables around major casinos in the world. Some of the gaming cities like Las Vegas has estimated this number to be more than 25%. The main cause of this decrease is waning of most of the poker games as well as a preference for online gaming. Despite the preference for the online poker gaming, you should still remember some of the great poker quotes which are in use. Here are examples of such great poker quotes that you ought to consider.

One of the greatest poker quotes which you ought to remember is that poker is a skill game pretending to be a chance game. This quote was penned down by James Altucher. It is worth noting that a good number of games in casinos depend on chance. The players in these games depend in chance to win their games. Poker is not so different from all these other games. Yet, extraordinary skills are required for any success in poker. Research reveals that poker is the only gambling that you can play and win regardless of the cards you have. Thus, this game only requires a better understanding of the game. Skill perfection is key if you want to become a champion in the future. Mastering the skill is the only secret that will guarantee you more chips as well as time at the round table.

Our next poker quote that is essential for your next tournaments success is that penned down by Doyle Brunson. Brunson opined that poker is a war despite the fact that some people pretend that it is a game. In case you have ever had an opportunity to sit around poker tables, you will agree that most of the poker a war based on the seriousness that the majority of the player put in the game. Even if at some point people will exchange some jokes, a large portion of the game is spent in silence. This means that you must learn to be serious, if you aspire to become a poker champ in the future.

Edward Nortons poker quote is another hint to consider if you want to conquer your next tournament. According to Norton, life entails components of risk just like poker, which cannot be avoded, but rather tackled. Fearlessness is required if poker players want to be successful. Yet, this does not mean that you become a reckless poker player. As a poker player, there is a need to ensuring that you prepare early. You are likely to have more time, but fewer chips at the table if you avoid taking risks. Please follow this page to learn more here about poker quotes.