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What is the Purpose of a Reciprocating Compressor?

Nowadays, you can be able to see three basic types of air compressors in the market and they are the rotary centrifugal, rotary screw, and reciprocating. Everything you need to know about the reciprocating compressor can be seen in this article, so read more now to learn about it.

What are the functions of a reciprocating compressor?

You need to know about the functions of the reciprocating compressor first before you are going to proceed in knowing what the benefits are. For the reciprocating compressor to go on with its functions, it uses a crankshaft to compress gases, such as what internal combustion engines do, where an offset crankshaft is the one that causes the rotation of a piston that will provide linear motion. To increase pressure, the piston needs to have a back and forth movement so that it can be able to take low-pressure gas.

In which aspect is a reciprocating compressor needed?

The traditional way of doing things is through a reciprocating compressor which is no longer the case these days since it has already been overshadowed by the screw compressor, but there are still oil and gas industries that utilize this machine. There are numerous tasks that these specific units are able to provide to oil refineries as well as processes that need high-pressure delivery for gases that are essential.

Reciprocating compressors are the ones that powered the pipelines that are the passageway of the gas that fuels our cars to travel cross country . These workhorses are also being frequently used by places that need heavy duty tooling such as chemical plants and refrigeration plants.

How does it work

Let us now talk about all of the advantages that these compressors have that makes them different from the rest of the models. To begin with, it is possible for these compressors to be used continuously as what you might see in large factories as well as plant settings, or you can also see it in mechanic shops and auto garage. There are types of compressors that are flexible while there are also some that are only needed for a specific purpose.

Almost all of the gas compositions can be applied with the reciprocal compressor because of the positive displacement. In addition to this, the capacity controls of reciprocal compressors are instantaneous and simple unlike other types, and it is also able to discharge very high pressures with low mass flow rates.

This machine is also able to perform quietly as it is still powerful unlike those other machines that you might imagine with loud noises. Although there are many types of compression technology, the reciprocating compressor is able to work with a piston technology making it easier to work quietly.

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